For Investors

Real estate investment is about stable, comfortable and outstanding long-term returns.  Shangrila strives to achieve all of these features and more! 
Our business model and capitalization structures provide a unique real estate investment.  We present several options for investors.  Everyone’s risk taking tolerance is different and we understand this totally.  Thus, we provide fixed-rate returns for some, or total participation of profit for others, or a mixed package for still others. In other words, we offer securities with preferential returns at stated rates, or preferential returns plus potential profit participation, or total profit sharing ownership.  Finally, for qualified foreign investors, we sponsor US immigration visa for them to further facilitate the participation in the investment and foster a stronger foreign commitment to US real estate market.  The processing of U.S. immigration visa by Lei Jiang Law Firm is nothing short of extraordinary.  You can get U.S. green card for your entire family in half year!

In sum, Shangrila provides combinations of cash and assets.  Investors receive income, profit sharing and diversification.  On top of these, qualified foreign investors can receive U.S. green cards for the entire family.
Our capitalization structures, transactional expertise, and project methodologies will give our investors greater return and more satisfactory participation. 


We are an eco-friendly real estate company and provide green buildings.  All materials that we use are energy efficient and environmental friendly.  For example, we use Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) roofing system because of its heat-reflectivity and energy efficiency.  We use highly energy efficient heating and cooling system.  All our windows are low E, argon filled, and energy efficient.  We also plant trees and bushes around buildings to increase green area.  We are committed to offer quality and sustainable commercial properties for our customers.

Customer Focused

We are customer focused and provide great service to our renters/lessees.  For example, we provide reception service, conference room, Café, copy/fax service as well as all traditional property services.  At Shangrila Ohio, you, as a renter, deal with people, not an organization.  You can choose the wall color and the layout that work for you.  The IT infrastructure is fast and easy.  Our team responds quickly to your concerns and bend backwards to meet your demands.  In short, great customer service is our number one goal.

Investment Opportunity

Historically, real estate offered great returns for investors.  In today, we think the opportunities are even better.  Because of recent correction in real estate market, the property values are more realistic than ever.  Shangrila Ohio provides a variety of investment options, ranging from secured and fixed return to total participation of the profit and loss.   We invite you to grow with us, to seize U.S. opportunities and to explore global market.